AdTheorent®, First Intelligent Real Time Bidding (RTB)-Enabled Mobile Ad Network, Selected as Finalist in 2012 Digiday Mobi Awards

For Immediate Release – New York, NY – AdTheorent, Inc., the creator and operator of the first Intelligent Real Time Bidding (RTB)-enabled mobile ad network, announced today that the company has been chosen by Digiday’s Judging Committee as a finalist for the 2012 Digiday Mobi Awards, one of three nominees under the category “Best Mobile Ad Network.” The Mobi Awards honor overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in mobile media, marketing and advertising, selected by leading mobile media and marketing experts, journalists, brand executive, and mobile technology visionaries.

“We’ve worked hard building the AdTheorent platform and network,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and co-founder of AdTheorent. “Instead of relying on an imprecise, manual system predicated on buying mobile advertising impressions on CPM basis, we’ve built a platform and technical infrastructure which processes incredible amounts of data every second – geographic, demographic, behavioral. We use that intelligence to bid on mobile inventory on an impression-by-impression basis, resulting in much higher clicks and actions for advertisers.”

“In the post-PC marketplace of mobile, consumer access to digital content and media, digital campaigns must integrate mobile from the ground up. That was the impetus driving our work in building AdTheorent, Iacovone said. “We’re excited that AdTheorent was chosen as a finalist for Best Mobile Ad Network in the 2012 Digiday Mobi Awards, and we plan to build on that recognition by continuing to improve our technology and services.”

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