AdTheorent® Receives DMA Innovation Award for its Barometric® Cross-Platform Attribution and Analytics Solution

AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming mobile advertising, today announced that its cross-platform attribution and analytics solution, Barometric®, received a DMA Innovation Award. The DMA Innovation Awards showcases companies that are developing game-changing technologies and platforms for today’s marketers. AdTheorent’s Barometric solution was recognized with the Consumer Insight Solutions award for Attribution.

The mobile advertising industry has been plagued by an attribution problem that undermines the efficacy of mobile advertising investments for most advertisers. Due to significant gaps in the capabilities of disparate measurement and analytics providers, advertisers have been forced to adopt a fragmented approach, utilizing different partners for tracking, ad serving, and audience insights. This fragmentation leads to disparate data sets, discrepancies and limited attribution capabilities. AdTheorent’s Barometric Cross-Platform Attribution and Analytics Solution solves the fragmentation problem by providing marketers a unified analytics and attribution platform that is capable of collecting the many different IDs across all environments and matching them back to a single user, which results in superior accuracy.

“AdTheorent’s Barometric solution features the most comprehensive measurement and attribution platform in market. While most solutions are only able to measure and optimize performance based on impressions and clicks, AdTheorent’s Barometric solution goes beyond by tracking conversions in all online and offline environments, informing marketers how to optimize in real time and providing a truer understanding of the ROI of their digital media dollars,” said Matt Fusco, VP of Business Development at AdTheorent. “We are thrilled to win a DMA Innovation award and thank the DMA for this recognition.”

AdTheorent is a technology company that is transforming digital advertising through data-driven predictive solutions. AdTheorent’s machine learning, tracking and deep linking technologies combine to maximize engagement and awareness for advertisers.

AdTheorent’s machine learning technology platform combines millions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. Powered by data-driven intelligence, AdTheorent’s platform delivers the right ad, to the right user, at the right time – all in “real time” within brand advertisers’ ROAS and performance goals.

AdTheorent provides the most comprehensive cross-device ID mapping infrastructure in market, featuring more than 242 million unique IDs mapped to extensive 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources, including 101 million US households. As a mobile-first Data Management Platform, AdTheorent is uniquely positioned to match offline and online data to mobile at scale, affect cross-device targeting and break new ground in media attribution including physical activity such as purchase.

AdTheorent’s Barometric® measurement and analytics solution features the mobile advertising industry’s most advanced cross-device/cross-media measurement and analytics technology, providing the “post-click and post view” signals necessary for modeling to (i.e., predicting) true user engagement and awareness.

AdTheorent’s Apptivation® is unprecedented deep linking technology that powers “intelligent ad units,” fostering seamless and efficient user engagement. Apptivation allows brands and marketers to drive significant user interactivity with their own branded apps, social media apps, or iOS native functions such as Passbook, Calendar, Phone, Map and others.

The collective result to AdTheorent-partnered brands and marketers is higher engagement rates across any client-defined metric – The Intelligent Impression®. For more information,

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