AdTheorent® Releases Q1 Mobile Ad Performance Report Summary for Entertainment Industry

Mobile Ad Network's Robust Data-Driven Predictive Targeting Platform Delivered 155% Lift in Engagement for Entertainment Brands Compared to Industry's Average

AdTheorent, Inc., the largest 2nd generation mobile ad network, today announced summary findings from internal entertainment industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q1 of 2014. Tapping its robust data-driven predictive modeling platform, the company analyzed user engagement with approximately 100 million mobile impressions in the entertainment vertical (of AdTheorent’s roughly 1 billion impressions processed for the quarter) for insights regarding the highest performing ad units, operating systems and devices, as well as outside factors that influence mobile advertising engagement. Among other findings, AdTheorent’s entertainment category campaigns outperformed the industry’s entertainment average engagement by 155 percent.

Mobile Rich Media Advertising Drives Engagement with Mobile Advertising For Entertainment Brands – To achieve maximum mobile engagement, advertisers need to focus on tactics best suited to the medium

  • Rich Media Ad Units: Rich Media drove strong engagement across the Entertainment category as users enjoyed the creative and interactive functionality
  • Video: viewing a video accounted for 55 percent of all in-banner actions
  • Social: engaging with a Social network consisted of 23 percent of all in-banner actions
  • And beyond: other activities like calendar reminders, homepage visits, and seeking more information accounted for 20 percent of actions

The Final Stretch – In the Entertainment vertical, temporal proximity to a premiere or show date had a direct impact on mobile ad engagement

  • Engagement within Rich Media and mobile display was 28.7 percent higher during the final quarter of a campaign (as compared to the first quarter of the campaign)
  • Video Completion Rates were 67.2 percent higher during the final quarter of the campaign (as compared to the first quarter of the campaign)

Why Wi-Fi Matters – Advertisers need to consider not only device and operating system, but connectivity as well

  • In general, Android users were 17 percent more likely to engage with mobile Entertainment ads than iOS users
  • The top five performing devices were:
    • Samsung Galaxy S2
    • Kindle Fire HD
    • Samsung Galaxy Branded Series
    • Samsung Galaxy Note Series
    • iPad
  • Wi-Fi improves engagement:
    • When connected via Wi-Fi, iOS outperformed Android by 27 percent
    • Wi-Fi as a whole outperformed all other network connections, delivering a 16 percent higher engagement rate

A Pleasant Surprise in Weather Delivers Action – Advertisers should consider weather factors to achieve higher engagement

Data from the Entertainment category shows that engagement is inversely correlated to the expected weather conditions in certain regions

  • In Florida, when the temperature ranged from 25-49 degrees (colder than normal), mobile engagement exceeded the category average by 250 percent
  • Android users in the Southern region (where it is typically humid) registered high mobile engagement — 480 percent higher than the general Entertainment category — in low to medium humidity conditions (25-49 percent)
  • Android users in the East region (where humidity is typically low in Q1) with medium to high humidity conditions (50-74 percent) also registered high mobile engagement — 410 percent higher than the category average

“Entertainment as a genre lends itself to the dynamic capabilities of the mobile medium, and when you couple that with compelling creative and real-time data models that predictively identify and target the right audience, you see amazing engagement rates whether we’re talking CTR or beyond the click,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent. “We’re excited about the mobile advertising insights for the Entertainment category that we gleaned this quarter and are pleased to share with marketers to continue propelling mobile advertising as an industry, but even more importantly, to continue delivering return on investment that exceeds expectations.”

Did you know?

In analyzing multiple factors across certain groups, AdTheorent’s engagement data revealed certain subsets of “power users” (considering myriad user traits) who drove higher engagement compared to average mobile users. For example:

  • African American females ages 19-24 performed the strongest for the Entertainment cate-gory, delivering a 168 percent higher engagement rate than the category average
  • Android users with a high purchase index history across airline travel (in the 95-100th percentile) engaged at a rate that was 123 percent higher than iOS device users
  • Users of Society (Dating, Lifestyle, and Marriage) content engaged with Entertainment campaigns at a rate 275 percent higher than the category average – Entertainment and Games content verticals performed second and third best
  • 38-year-old males on iOS smartphone devices in the New York area were extremely high converters, with engagement 318 percent higher than the category average

About the Data

AdTheorent’s technology platform analyzed nearly 100 million Entertainment campaign impressions across its mobile ad network during the period of January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014. The data set was pulled from ad campaigns of 12 of the largest Entertainment and Tune-In brands in the US. To view a summary infographic of AdTheorent’s findings, please visit:  this link.

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