AdTheorent® Releases Q2 Mobile Ad Performance Report Summary for Retail Industry

Social Actions, "Shop" or "Buy Now" and Brand Landing Page Clicks Top the List for Secondary Engagement Actions

AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming mobile advertising, today announced summary findings from internal retail industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q2 of 2014. Tapping its robust data-driven predictive modeling platform, the company analyzed user engagement with approximately 150 million mobile impressions in the retail vertical for insights regarding the highest performing secondary engagement actions, household incomes, operating systems and devices, as well as outside factors that influence mobile advertising engagement. AdTheorent’s retail category campaigns outperformed the industry’s retail average1 by 109 percent.

Mobile Rich Media Advertising Drove High Expansion Rates and Secondary Engagement For Retail Brands

  • Rich Media drove a strong expansion rate across the retail category, delivering at a rate 125% higher than the industry average
  • Secondary ad engagement within Rich Media units for Q2 was 76% higher than industry average
  • Top secondary actions were:
    • Social actions consisted of approximately 33% of all in-banner actions
    • “Shop” or “buy now” focused calls-to-action drove the second largest share of actions within Rich Media, delivering 29% of all in-banner actions across the category
    • Clicks to a brand’s landing page consisted of 17% of all in-banner actions

High Income Levels Yielded High Mobile Advertising Engagement for Retail

When household income was:

  • $75-100K – Engagement was 96% higher than industry average
  • $100-150K – Engagement was 87% higher than industry average
  • $150-250K – Engagement was 106% higher than industry average

As Temperatures Rose, So Did Engagement

Data from the Retail category shows that engagement is directly correlated to weather conditions:

  • When temperatures were 88 degrees or higher, engagement rates were 137% higher than industry category average
  • Temperature ranges between 70 and 87 degrees delivered the second highest engagement rates
  • Compared to when temperatures were 88 degrees or higher, when temperatures were:
    • 51-69 degrees, engagement was 41% lower
    • 33-50 degrees, engagement was 48% lower

The Top Performers

  • Females outperformed Males, delivering a 16% higher engagement rate
  • Users on Wi-Fi delivered a 31% greater engagement rate compared to users on a cellular network
  • Android users outperformed iOS users by 30%
  • The top five performing devices were:
    • Kindle
    • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Series
    • Samsung Galaxy SIII Series
    • iPad
    • Sony Xperia Series
  • The top five states were:
    • Maryland
    • Texas
    • Florida
    • Ohio
    • South Carolina

“Given the capabilities of Rich Media ad units, and in light of the industry controversy surrounding mis-clicks and click-fraud, we strongly encourage our advertiser partners to employ secondary engagement KPIs in their campaigns,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent. “We were thrilled to see that secondary engagement rates were so strong for our Q2 campaigns in the retail vertical. AdTheorent’s data-driven predictive solutions identify the optimal audiences in real-time, which leads to higher secondary engagement rates and ultimately superior return on advertising spend.”

Did you know?

In analyzing multiple factors across certain groups, AdTheorent’s engagement data revealed

certain subsets of “power users” (considering myriad user traits) who drove higher engagement

compared to average mobile users. For example:

  • Hispanic males in the 46-50 age group, with a HHI of $50-74K were the most engaged with retail media
  • Females in the 51-65 age group, with a HHI of $150-174,999K were the second most engaged demographic segment
  • T-Mobile users on Android devices in Florida drove engagement rates that were 174% higher than the industry category average
  • Android users on Wi-Fi networks in California engaged with retail focused media at rates that were 447% higher than the industry category average

About the Data

AdTheorent’s technology platform analyzed nearly 150 million retail campaign impressions across its mobile ad network during the period of April 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014. The data set was pulled from ad campaigns of 12 of the largest retail brands in the US. To view a summary infographic of AdTheorent’s findings, please visit this link.

About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent is a technology company that is transforming mobile advertising through data-driven predictive solutions. AdTheorent’s machine learning, tracking and deep linking technologies combine to maximize engagement and awareness for advertisers.

AdTheorent’s machine learning technology – the Real Time Learning Machine™ (RTLM) – combines millions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. Powered by data-driven intelligence, AdTheorent’s platform delivers the right ad, to the right user, at the right time – all in “real time” within brand advertisers’ ROAS and performance goals.

AdTheorent’s Traktion™ solution is the mobile advertising industry’s most advanced cross-device/cross-media measurement and analytics technology, providing the “post-click and post view” signals necessary for modeling to (i.e., predicting) true user engagement and awareness.

AdTheorent’s Apptivation® is unprecedented deep linking technology that powers “intelligent ad units,” fostering seamless and efficient user engagement. Apptivation allows brands and marketers to drive significant user interactivity with their own branded apps, social media apps, or iOS native functions such as Passbook, Calendar, Phone, Map and others.

The collective result to AdTheorent-partnered brands and marketers is higher engagement rates across any client-defined metric – The Intelligent Impression®. For more information, visit:

1. DG MediaMind, “Mobile Benchmarks,” Dec. 18, 2013

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