AdTheorent® Releases Q4 Digital Ad Performance Report Summary for Financial Services Vertical

Male and Female Millennials Deliver Highest Engagement Across Category, Trumping the Boomer Generation

New York, NY – AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming digital advertising, today announced summary findings of digital ad performance across its network, focusing on Financial Services advertiser clients, during Q4 of 2015. The Company analyzed user engagement across approximately 102.8 million impressions, seeking insights regarding characteristics of the most engaged audiences as well as other factors influencing digital ad engagement. AdTheorent-powered Financial Services campaigns outperformed the industry average1 by 127 percent.

A Snapshot of Most Engaged Consumers

When examining overall engagement within Financial Services digital ad campaigns, males were slightly more engaged than females (delivering 7% higher engagement). However, in looking at age-range performance, Millennials were the most engaged age range for both audiences. Additionally, Boomers were the least engaged for both males and females.

  • Males aged 25-34 delivered 31 percent higher engagement compared to males aged 55+
  • Females aged 25-34 delivered 50 percent higher engagement compared to those aged 55+

AdTheorent’s predictive modeling engine uncovered the following key attributes among the most engaged consumer segments within the Financial Services vertical:

  • Segment 1 (delivering 100% higher engagement)
    • Female, $250,000+ HHI, residing in metropolitan markets
  • Segment 2 (delivering 91% higher engagement)
    • Couple with kids, living in the Midwest, and Republican
  • Segment 3 (delivering 88% higher engagement)
    • Male, $250,000+HHI, with multiple financial accounts and investments

In addition to these segments, performance data identified the following common attributes among those users who engaged with Financial Services ads:

  • Interests: Technology, Travel, Cooking and Politics
  • Past Purchases: Health products, Tools for Home Improvement and Green Living

“AdTheorent’s data-driven machine learning platform identifies optimal audiences using a myriad of demographic, psychographic and geographic data points to drive engagement for brands, and we are thrilled with the strong performance among our Financial Services campaigns,” said Jason Han, AdTheorent’s Senior Director of Data and Analytics. “There are currently 80 million Millennials in the United States, representing approximately $600 billion in spending power, which makes engagement across this influential group very interesting to advertisers.”

Weather Conditions Impacted Engagement for Financial Services Campaigns

Warmer temperatures drove higher engagement:

  • Warmer temperatures (between 70-87 degrees) yielded highest engagement
  • By contrast, when temperature ranges were 32 degrees and below, engagement was the lowest across the category

High humidity also drove higher engagement:

  • High humidity levels (90-100%) drove the highest engagement for the category

The Top Performers

  • Users on cellular networks delivered a 22% greater engagement rate than users on Wi-Fi networks
  • Mobile web sites outperformed mobile apps by 70%
  • App Engagement:
    • Family apps delivered 1000% higher engagement than sports apps
    • Travel apps delivered 324% higher engagement than music apps
    • Social apps outperformed news apps by 106%
  • Performance across Android and iOS was comparable, with Android delivering 18% higher engagement
  • Users on tablets outperformed users on smartphones by 62%
  • Top five devices:
    1. Kindle Fire
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4
    3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3
    4. iPad
    5. Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Top five states
    1. North Dakota
    2. Hawaii
    3. Oklahoma
    4. South Dakota
    5. Louisiana

About the Data

AdTheorent’s technology platform analyzed more than 102.8 million Financial Services campaign impressions across its digital ad network during the period commencing October 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2015. To view a summary infographic of AdTheorent’s findings, please visit this link.

1. DG MediaMind, “Mobile Benchmarks,” Dec. 18, 2013

2. App categories defined by App Store data

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