AdTheorent® Releases Q4 Mobile Ad Performance Report Summary for Electronics Industry

Mobile Ad Network's Robust Data Mining Platform Analyzed More than 1.2 Billion Impressions

AdTheorent, Inc., the largest 2nd generation mobile ad network, today announced summary findings from internal electronics industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q4 of 2013. Tapping its robust data-driven predictive modeling platform, the company analyzed 1.2 billion impressions from electronics advertising campaigns for insights regarding the highest performing ad units, operating systems and devices as well as outside factors that influence mobile advertising engagement. As CES 2014 commences this week in Las Vegas, fresh user data related to mobile advertising engagement will be beneficial for electronics manufacturers and their ad agencies.

Performance Matters – Advertisers need to consider unit type, device, operating system and key media verticals

  • Ads within apps had a 36 percent higher CTR than the mobile web; rich media ads delivered a 58 percent higher CTR than banner ads
  • The media verticals that produced the highest overall CTR for mobile electronics ads were entertainment, games and business
  • Android ruled user engagement with 44 percent higher CTR than iOS and 88 percent higher than Windows
  • The Samsung Galaxy smartphone series had the highest overall CTR and ads running on the Nokia Lumia performed the worst
  • The best performing tablet device was the Samsung Galaxy Note and interestingly, CTR on this tablet was 226 percent higher than on the iPad

It’s not just fair weather clicking – Advertisers should consider weather factors to achieve higher CTR

Humidity plays a role in CTR. Nationwide, the highest average CTR was achieved when there is very low humidity. However, AdTheorent discovered regional engagement increased when humidity levels were at their most ‘normal’:

  • The Northeast and New England had the highest CTR when humidity was 75-100 percent
  • The West Coast had the highest CTR when humidity was extremely low

Precipitation impacted CTR as well. Overall, CTR was 8 percent higher when it was raining. However, regionally:

  • The Northern Region had the highest CTR when it was raining heavily
  • The West Coast experienced the highest CTR when it was not raining

Temperature also played a role in CTR. In the Northeast, CTR was highest when the weather was above 88 degrees — representing a 58 percent increase compared to when the temperatures were low, between 33 and 50 degrees. The Great Lakes region saw the highest CTR compared to all other markets when temperatures were between 33 and 50.

“What makes AdTheorent standout from other ad networks and makes us successful for advertisers is our ability to quickly harness and analyze Big Data to deliver data-driven results that yield huge response rates,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent. “Our technology allows us to identify users that are extremely likely to convert and it bids on those impressions accordingly. Our technology platform also lets us gather statistically significant insights across millions of impressions to deliver intelligence to advertisers, as demonstrated by our Q4 analyses in the category of electronics. We’re pleased to share some of these insights as we head into the largest electronics show of the year.”

Did you know?

In analyzing multiple factors across certain groups, AdTheorent’s engagement data revealed
certain subsets of “power users” (considering myriad user traits) who drive higher CTR as
compared to average mobile users. For example:

  • Females in the Atlantic Coast, Southeast and West Coast using an iOS device for entertainment
    apps had a 106 percent to 130 percent higher CTR
  • Females on the West Coast using an iOS device on a social networking app had a 106 percent
    higher CTR
  • Males in the Northeast showed 89 percent higher CTR when using an iOS device on social
    networking apps

About the Data

AdTheorent’s technology platform analyzed more than 1.2 billion impressions across its mobile ad network for electronics campaigns during the period of October 1, 2013 through December 25, 2013. The data set was pulled from ad campaigns of six of the largest electronics companies in the US. To view a summary infographic of AdTheorent’s findings, please visit this link.

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