AdTheorent® Wins 2014 DMA Innovation Award

Company's Real Time Learning Machine Selected for Data, Analytics and Attribution Category

AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming mobile advertising, today announced that it has been selected as a DMA Innovation Award winner. AdTheorent’s cutting-edge Big Data mining platform, the Real Time Learning machine (RTLM) was chosen as the winning solution in the category “Data, Analytics and Attribution.”

The 2014 DMA Innovation Awards celebrate the game-changing products and solutions that enable marketers to transcend conventional marketing practices to advance data-driven techniques amidst rapid development, growth and change.

Marketers have struggled to use Big Data to inform media purchasing decisions in real time. AdTheorent’s RTLM has made this possible for the first time, allowing AdTheorent to pioneer a new paradigm in advertising: Predictive Targeting. AdTheorent’s predictive targeting platform assesses the engagement potential of billions of mobile ad impressions using a unique, high-speed, real-time data enrichment process that incorporates a continuously expanding data set including purchase, behavioral, psychographic and social data, as well as informative post-click data. RTLM targets only individuals who are most likely to engage with a brand’s ad (with engagement measured by the brand, not limited to “clicks”) delivering dramatic improvements in mobile advertising results. The result is the industry’s first product to achieve true predictive engagement.

“We are honored and thrilled that AdTheorent was selected as a DMA Innovation Award winner,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent. “Big Data is useless if there is not a reliable and efficient way to use it. AdTheorent’s Real Time Learning Machine provides advertisers real time, intelligent predictive models that deliver engagement, and ultimately ROI.”

The Innovation Awards are presented in five categories that mirror the presentation tracks at DMA2014, and celebrate the solutions that advance beyond conventional thinking. AdTheorent was honored at the DMA2014 Innovation Awards Ceremony and Reception last evening.

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