AdTheorent’s® Uniform Cookie-Free Tracking for Advertisers Addresses Device Fragmentation

Intelligent RTB Mobile Ad Network's Tracking Capability Compatible Across Display and Mobile

For Immediate Release – AdTheorent, Inc. the industry’s first truly intelligent Real Time Bidding (RTB)-enabled mobile ad network, today announced that its Traktion™ tracking and analytics platform is now entirely cookie-free. Traktion allows advertisers to track post-click and post-view behavior within an advertiser’s properties across the mobile web and in the mobile app environment unencumbered by the drawbacks and limitations of cookie-based ad-tracking. Traktion provides advertisers with a valuable tool to analyze advertising effectiveness across the fragmented landscape of digital advertising – encompassing the mobile web, mobile apps, standard media, rich media and video executions in both desktop and mobile environments — delivered in a manner that is technically seamless to mobile users and protective of their privacy.

AdTheorent’s cookie-free tracking functionality within Traktion allows advertisers to match any “ad impression”, “click” or “page view” to a user’s conversion. This is achieved through the collection of data points within the mobile browser which combine to create an ID that is unique — yet anonymous — based on a variety of factors and behaviors. These data points allow each advertiser to match “clicks” and “views” with conversions on the advertiser’s property, regardless of the type of conversion, or the environment in which the conversion takes place.

Traktion provides these valuable conversion analytics while respecting each consumer’s right to privacy and anonymity. Traktion does not depend upon fixed, hardware-specific IDs which can be linked to a consumer’s personal information, which cannot be changed or reset, and which provide consumers no mechanism to “opt-out.” Traktion was designed to work with other standards and methods to identify the post-click and viewing behaviors of a device within the context of an advertiser’s digital properties without identifying the specific user.

“The cookie has crumbled and ad tracking technology in digital and mobile is becoming an increasingly fragmented battlefield,” said Anthony Iacovone, Co-Founder and CEO of AdTheorent. “We are thrilled to offer our advertisers a way to match conversions in mobile and display, while respecting consumer privacy. The combination of predictive modeling and post-click and view analytics in the RTB environment is what will drive the mobile advertising industry forward as more and more eyes move away from the desktop to mobile devices.”

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