Predictive Geo-Targeting Drives Store Visits and Delivers ROI for National Retailer

Are you among the 67% percent of marketers who use geo-targeting as a component of their digital advertising strategies? Location-based targeting remains an extremely effective way for brands to reach and engage with their target audiences. But marketers need to be strategic about their use of location. Location, coupled with predictive targeting — also known as predictive geo-targeting — is an approach that delivers superior results. Predictive geo-targeting identifies consumers with the highest percent chance of conversion within a pre-determined geo-fence, ultimately delivering a more engaged audience.

AdTheorent recently conducted a campaign for a national retailer focused on driving in-store visits by leveraging predictive geo-targeting. AdTheorent strategically identified optimal geo-fencing points based on a variety of campaign parameters. In addition, AdTheorent’s machine learning platform identified consumers within the geo-fence with the highest percent chance of visitation. Optimizing throughout the campaign, AdTheorent’s predictive models identified and targeted the attributes of engaged consumers as reported using in-flight campaign data delivered by Placed.

The campaign, which ran for six weeks, delivered more than 87 million impressions. The results for this advertiser were impressive: AdTheorent increased in-store visits by 59% and delivered an exceedingly low cost per visit of $0.33.

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