Veenome Launches Real-time Video Content Targeting for AdTheorent

Industry's first runtime targeting based on actual video content. Increases revenue and relevancy for AdTheorent.

For Immediate Release – Veenome announced today its most recent client: New York-based AdTheorent, Inc, the creator and operator of the world’s first intelligent Real Time Bidding (RTB)-enabled mobile ad network. The Veenome API will allow AdTheorent to greater capitalize on its real-time offering through increased revenue via boosted CPMs and views.

Presently, AdTheorent analyzes the potential impressions based on a variety of factors: demographic information, behavioral factors, location data, device data and other advertiser-specific targeting criteria. Moving forward, AdTheorent will also utilize Veenome’s Video Scanning Services. According to Kevin Lenane, CEO of Veenome, this partnership is designed to help AdTheorent achieve greater granularity within its algorithm without sacrificing speed. Lenane added:

“Working for a rapidly growing ad network like AdTheorent is a huge opportunity because we can innovate together. We can truly define video ad intelligence by uniquely serving the most targeted ads on the right content. The best part is that we improve the ecosystem for everyone involved: advertisers, publishers and viewers.”

Veenome’s service will provide runtime IAB categorization and targeting as well as video size parameters, media URL, format, and more. Agnostic of video player and file type, the indexing is initiated whenever a user presses “play” across any of the thousands of publishers within the AdTheorent network.

As a result of this partnership, AdTheorent’s algorithm will utilize more content granularity than any other ad network as this data will contain specific information about which type of content is in each bid request. Thus, with Veenome indexing, AdTheorent will be able to more efficiently route highly targeted ads to the users instantaneously at runtime.

Anthony Iacovone, Founder and CEO of AdTheorent, explained, “With the projected growth of mobile video advertising, AdTheorent is extremely excited about partnering and innovating with Veenome on what will prove to be the standard in delivering mobile video advertising intelligently for our clients”.

Veenome, based in Washington, D.C., is a data-as-a-service company that translates video into machine-readable data The company’s core API product automatically identifies the visual content in video and returns it as data – tags, keywords, categories, and more – to increase ROI for video platforms, publishers, and advertising networks.

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