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October 31 2018

Ad Council: Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Campaign

Advertiser Objective:

AdTheorent partnered with the Ad Council to support its Type 2 Diabetes Prevention digital advertising campaign sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goals of the campaign were to raise national awareness of prediabetes and drive adults, ages 40-60, to to complete an online prediabetes risk assessment.

AdTheorent Solution:

AdTheorent developed custom machine learning models across mobile and desktop devices and used predictive targeting to reach consumers within the target demographic with the highest likelihood of completing the online assessment.  To track consumer actions after exposure to the brand campaign, AdTheorent placed pixels on the target website (  Using pixel data, predictive models optimized toward consumers most likely to take key actions on the brand site. 

Campaign Results:

The campaign was successful both in terms of driving awareness and driving online assessment completes. The Video Completion Rate was 78%, surpassing the client’s benchmark by 160%.

The Cost-Per-Action (CPA) results were also outstanding:

  • The campaign ended with a CPA of $19.33, with the “action” being consumers who visited the Risk Test landing page.
  • The completion of the Diabetes quiz KPI yielded a CPA of $24, beating the client benchmark ($100) by 76%.





“Diabetes is such a prevalent health issue across America, and there is so much that can be done to prevent this disease, so it’s crucial to reach and educate consumers about the risk factors and changes they can make to stop diabetes in its tracks. We were absolutely thrilled with the results of this campaign – while awareness is essential, we’re also looking for Americans to learn their risk for prediabetes by taking the site’s risk assessment test. AdTheorent’s machine learning system helped us identify the viewers within our target audience who would be most likely to take the risk test." 

SVP, Media Strategy and Outreach of Ad Council

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