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December 19, 2018

Dec. 19 – New York, NY — AdTheorent, Inc., a digital advertising leader using advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for marketers, today announced the launch of its new machine-learning based creative solution for advertisers: Advanced Predictive Creative (APC). APC is an exclusive AdTheorent product offering that uses machine learning models to score and create unique creative units in milliseconds, delivering truly personalized creative experiences at scale. 

Using APC, the combination of customizable creative elements, such as product shots, logos, colors, backgrounds, messaging and calls-to-action are unlimited.  APC models score and construct the optimal combination of creative elements that are most likely to lead to a successful campaign action for each consumer. This creative personalization supplements AdTheorent’s predictive targeting models, which determine the right consumer and moment to serve each ad, learning in real time from campaign performance data.

“AdTheorent’s Advanced Predictive Creative solution is groundbreaking because unlike other rule-based offerings in market, APC is truly performance-driven,” said James Lawson, AdTheorent’s Chief Operating Officer.  “AdTheorent’s technology, product and creative design teams have developed a creative delivery platform which complements AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning capabilities, allowing data-driven performance metrics to replace human assumption in the selection of creative elements delivered to consumers.”

A Real-life Success Story: Tapping the Power of Advanced Predictive Creative for a Large Automotive Client

Client Objective

A large automotive client sought to generate awareness for a new hybrid vehicle.  The brand partnered with AdTheorent to increase purchase consideration for the vehicle by delivering tailored messaging to the right prospects.

AdTheorent Solution

To effectively tell the brand’s story and capture mindshare for the product line, AdTheorent used its Advanced Predictive Creative (APC) solution. 

AdTheorent’s in-house creative division, Studio A/T, worked closely with the brand to identify and design various creative components, deploying unique combinations including vehicle images, CTAs and different copy options.  The primary target audience was identified as Adults, aged 40-50’s, who are also green conscious and in-market auto shoppers. AdTheorent’s predictive targeting worked to identify consumers within that demographic who were most likely to engage.  In concert, AdTheorent’s machine learning models identified the best creative for each consumer, optimizing towards the brand’s primary KPI.

Campaign Results

AdTheorent’s APC succeeded in delivering over the primary campaign benchmark with APC’s traffic rate exceeding the overall campaign benchmark by 15x.  Additionally, APC was the top performing creative type on the plan, delivering a traffic rate 4x higher than the final campaign total.


About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent uses advanced machine learning technology and solutions to deliver impactful advertising campaigns for marketers.   AdTheorent’s industry-leading machine learning platform powers its predictive targeting, geo-intelligence, proprietary relationship graph and in-house creative capability, Studio A\T.  This product suite allows advertisers to identify the most qualified individuals coupled with the optimal creative experience to drive campaign performance and deliver on advertiser KPIs at scale. 

In the last year, AdTheorent’s solutions have been recognized with numerous awards, including: “Best AI-Based Advertising Solution” (AI Breakthrough Awards), “Most Innovative Product” (B.I.G. Innovation Awards), “Most Innovative Platform” (DMA Innovation Award), as well as Frost & Sullivan’s “Digital Advertising Leadership Award” and Deloitte’s Technology “Fast 500.”  AdTheorent is headquartered in New York, with twelve office across the United States and Canada.  For more information, visit adtheorent.com.







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